Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ed Sheeran and my love life....

Ok, so this week I've noticed myself listening to Ed Sheeran, like all the time, I can't stop.  I have a love for people who sing so well AND write their own music.  I got his album years ago, and it's always been there, but for some reason it's all I've had on repeat lately.  

And Harry is one of his bffs

The last time I listened to something so endlessly it was Coldplay, I was in college trying to get over a dude who did not treat me great, and I literally listened all day.  Now I am hopelessly single at the moment, nothing is going on, so the only explanation is that I possibly want a guy to make me feel the way Ed Sheeran sings?  I'm so happy right now, my life is going great, I am feeling strong, I am without conflict, but OK?  

I am a huge believe and letting things happen, everything is fate, and the Internet is too fuckin scary to date on.  I will not go there, I would rather be 100, alone, with 50 cats.  Maybe this is about taking challenges, being a "yes" person, doing things I'm scared of.  Maybe what I'm missing is the adventure, so it's time to start looking.


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