Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend blues on Monday morning

I had a fantastic weekend! I got to spend this beautiful Saturday we were given with 3 of my best friends, outside, at a wine festival, of course I did not have a sip of alcohol (hellllo superhero remember, see below post) but none the less it rocked.  I may have gotten pulled over for speeding leaving said festival, but with my lack of any kind of driving record and the fact that I was stone cold sober I got a warning.  Follow that up with some crabs and apps on a deck with the ladies it freakin rocked.

Sunday I watched football (I'm not ready to talk about my Steelers), went for a long run through town, and ran errands. I woke up late, cooked and prepped for the week.  End that with some Real Housewives of New Jersey, Revenge, and Betrayal, you've got yourself a perfect weekend.  I miss it already.




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