Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Categories of friends

Does everyone categorize their friends?  I mean I have been lucky enough in my life to have friends who have gotten me through the best and the worst of times.  I have friends I never expected and friends who I knew would always stick by my side.

Friends category #1-The Lifers (BD-before dad)

I have 2 specific best friends who have literally been in my life for most of my life.  I met them when I was starting life.  I met them when I was ugly (no seriously ugly) with braces and glasses.  I had them when I first fell in like with a boy.  I had them when I first kissed a boy.  They were the ones who loved me through the horrible middle school days. They were the ones who held me when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, held me while I went through my dad having cancer, and held me when my dad died.  They are the ones I might not see for a long time, but every time I do, I realize why they are the ones who are lifers.

The "later in lifers"

These are the girls I developed at the end or after college.  I became a very different person after my dad died, I understood being lost, I understood a damaged family, I understood why some of those girls at school had it harder than I had.  I may have never considered these girls in high school, I had my group of "lifers" and wasn't so interested in others.  These girls I found after I turned 21, when I was going out back in my hometown and found them in a bar.  They are the ones who know me, grown up, flawed as hell and a fully developed person. I have sat on a floor and cried with these girls over bottles of wine, I have met random dudes and laughed more than I ever have in my life with these girls.  I have learned how to celebrate my birthday and theirs with these girls.  I am so lucky that these girls mean the world to me and I would ride or die for these girls.  I don't know how I would navigate my adult life without these girls, we have grown up talks and grown up problems.  I am so lucky to have them.  These girls are my life AD (after Dad), they know what I went through but they weren't specifically in the middle of the tornado that was my dad's illness.

My forever friends
My mom and sister- thats it, when the world ends it's everyone for themselves and me for them, thats it, they are my life, my soul, my everything, period

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