Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Being all cavewoman and stuff

Hola!  If anyone follows me on social media (IG:ejohns20, twitter: Erbear2686) y'all know I've been hashtaging the hell out of "21 Day Superhero Challenge", "Be your own superhero" and "Paleo", now allow me to explain.

Step #1: Crossfit

Yep, that is the crazy shit I picture too when I think about it.  One of my competitive, nutzo best friends has been doing it forever.  Now this chick is a powerhouse, and has been trying to drag my ass with her.  I've been terrified! I'm not a particularly strong chick, I mean yes, I'm training for my second half marathon, but that sounds more intensive then it is.

My exercise over the last 2 years has included running, Jillian Michaels DVDs, yoga classes, and some zumba, I'm not exactly the Incredible Hulk.  I am fascinated though, I would love to be strong, so recently I signed up for a LivingSocial deal, and right after the half marathon (no stupid, clumsy injuries needed) I plan on giving this a go, which leads me to my next explanation......

Step 2: 21 Day Superhero Challenge (credit: Emily Schromm)

You may recognize this lovely chick from "The Real World: DC" or any of the MTV Challenges.  Now I've been an Emily fan but never really was in focus with her since her season unless I was watching a Challenge in the last few years.  When I got my Kindle fire I was drunk one night (don't judge me) and bought the season of "The Real World" she was on. I watched them back, now older and wiser, and realized homegirl kicked some ass and wasn't afraid to speak her mind, duh she was my fave.   Watching this season of the "Challenge:Rivals 2" I saw how badass she looked, so I googled her and found her lovely website.  Now I saw she was a hardcore Crossfit fan, but kept reading and saw more about how she eats and was fascinated.  

Started following her on social media and saw she had this thing called the 21 Day Superhero Challenge, which I was scared of the first time around, but dove in the second time around.  Basically it's a challenge on her website you can sign up for (for $21 duh) and you eliminate complex carbs, sugar, and eat basically "paleo" (I'll explain in a minute) for the 21 days in order to "reset" your body. 

Now I had been feeling kinda crappy the last few months, always tired which I associated to half marathon training, and just gross.  I was not eating great but trying to be conscious of it still, and was going to give the vegetarian thing another go, but I did some research and this method made sense to me, which brings me to........

3. Paleo (whattttt?)

Now the pictures above basically sum up this whole concept.  Eat like a cavewoman (or man)!  Eat meat, veggies, fruit, natural oils, eggs, raw nuts. Don't eat crap, grains, dairy.  OK for me, the cheese/carb loving girl I am, this was kinda a lot to get my head around.  The biggest part for me was the meat, as a former vegetarian off and on for a few years, I don't like eating things I would give pet names.  I love animals, but then I realize it's basic human set up to process meats in our bodies, natural meats, grass fed whenever possible. 

The epidemic of cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease does not come from healthy fats, good meats, or oils, it comes from all that other crap we keep eating.  

This is basic, it makes sense, is it easy though? HELL NO! I want a brownie, chips, or cheese, but I am going to do what I can for the first 21 days, then probably have that on occasion but not make it my life again, plus I'm too competitive to try not win a challenge!! 

I'll keep you updated, or I'll be dead from lack of cheese.....


P.S. and EFF NO I am not giving up Coffee, just no sugar and using butter (grass fed) instead of milk/cream (crazy but it's good!)

P.P.S. and abstaining from alcohol too, I'm not ready to talk about that yet though it's too soon......

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