Thursday, May 7, 2015

Turned down for what

I basically lived in sweatpants for the majority of my senior year of high school into college. I'd dress them  up with a gorgeous, school related hoodie, throw my hair up and roll out.

Now I've grown to love everything fashion, but coming in a close second is my love for comfort.  So when the soft pant/jogger pant trend came in, trust that I did my research.

I've bought a few pairs, but now that most of my favorite stores have picked up on the trend, I'm going in hard.

Who doesn't want to wear a wildy cute pair of pants, with an elastic waist, and not look like I did in high school. Trust me, no one wants to look how I did in high school.

After catching Hallie's post yesterday, I scooped up a couple pairs on major sale at Old Navy (including the cutie in the top left above).

Grab an easy tshirt, a pair of heeled sandals, and stack every bracelet you own. Boom, summer outfit.

I just wish these would've saved me in high school.


P.S. My BFF has officially given me a date to start getting my face in front of the camera, so if you have any tips, now is the time to share.

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