Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Life is hard for a girl who loves to eat and doesn't love to work out. 

I don't mind working out, I usually get into a groove, but actually trying to get skinnier isn't fun. 

Usually this time of year I'm training for a half marathon, and that isn't to get skinny, it's to get my ass across the finish line at the end of 13.1 miles.

With both my sister and my mom's weddings this year I'm trying to get said ass into shape.  I've started Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, which is kick ass and muscles in my stomach hurt I didn't even know I had.

Part of the workout is a few days of cardio of some form.  This is where she loses me. I've been trying just some simple fast walking on the treadmill in my basement while catching up on Southern Charm, but since the weather is improving I feel the need to get outside and try new things.

I have an fear of exercise classes, mostly in part to those scary ass instructors who always ask who is new at the beginning then watch you like a kindergartner carrying a sharp knife for the rest of class.  Back up off me bro.

Reading about Hallie and Dana becoming a part of the SoulCycle cult makes me wish the closest one wasn't over an hour away from me. Hallie's blog helps with motivation and inspiration to get into gear and Dana's snapchats remind me to get my workout in.

Do I splurge on the waterproof Ipod and get back into swimming laps?

Do I do the hot yoga my sister pesters me to go to? Because I don't sweat enough in yoga normally.

How do I keep motivated on my BBG "days off"?  Thoughts? Ideas? Fat shaming?(Joke)



  1. I love this. Usually on my days off, I'm more conscious of what I'm eating and I'll try to walk around more than I would if I were working out. Since I've been doing Soul, I've been working out 5-6 days a week (one day being a long run).

    Totally agree with you about the half marathons - I'm running them to prove a point, to run 13.1 miles and cross the finish line. When I'm doing Soul, I'm getting mentally and physically stronger. I've also lost 5 pounds in a few weeks! My recs: get into a class, no matter what kind it is, don't be afraid of your instructor (or find one that's super kick ass), and stick with it.

    You got this!

    Dana | Pink Champagne Problems

    1. Thanks lady. My sister found this great workout class that is a bit insane but she loves and I think she is going to drag me there. I just want something that has good music and pushes me but doesn't intimidate me at the same time. Baltimore needs a Soul!