Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Link Love

I feel like life is getting exciting.  The weather is turning around, skirts and dresses are out, I'm drinking Coronas again.  So much more to love.

Yet another reason why I will never live in Ohio willingly.

Kind of want to start a GoFundMe for this bag.  I need it in my life.

Jessica took me back when I used to visit Hilton Head while in SC in the summer.  I need this back in my life.

Courtney Kerr is making me rethink my ban on denim on denim, of course. I cannot wait until the wedding madness if over and I can cut my hair like hers too!

Need to put things into perspective, get lost in this. If your heart doesn't melt you're not human.

Dreaming of my happy place. See you in July guys.


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