Monday, October 12, 2015

Just a little bit of Hocus Pocus

This weekend was unexpectedly lovely, probably because it involved family.  I love my two ladies more than life itself, and spending just some quality time with my big sister was perfect.

And yes, I bought us onesies. We drank a lot of wine, talked about a lot of things, watched a lot of TV.  

I just love her beyond words. We also had a very honest conversation about if we became zombie's during a zombie outbreak we would shoot each other.  OK, fine, I wouldn't even be able to shoot her as a zombie, even if it meant she was going to kill me. 

She however, would have no issue, typical.

Also, going with the fall feeling, I made Gina's biscotti.

Fell in love with a rucksack. Who doesn't need this in their lives?

Filled my house with the heavenly smell of meaaaaaaaaat.

Stalking the hell out of vests for winter. Obsessed, completely obsessed.

Are you watching X Factor UK? Well you should be, this chick is unbelievable


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